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Beginner’s Writing Bundle for ages 8-12 but children as young as 6 can dictate to their parents. If you are looking for a curriculum that will introduce your young students to writing in a fun and captivating way- this is it!

The bundle contains 3 creative writing books filled with activities that will hook even the most reluctant writers. Filled with easy fill-in-the-blank pre-writing handouts. Students will learn to develop characters, settings, and plots along with literary tools like onomatopoeia and interjections. Perfect for the wiggle in boys and girls love them too! Takes the guesswork out of teaching creative writing. Turns writing time into a delightful adventure! Thirty-six bite-size lessons will take students through a school year. Most lessons are 30-40 minutes long designed to be used 2-3 times per week. Works well with multiple students. Bundle includes:

• Yo! Ho! Ho! Write a Pirate's Adventure

• Zany Zoo Writing Adventure

• Ocean Adventures in Writing

Easy activities that make children excited to write include:

• Make a pirate hook and hat

• Dress up like a pirate for the day

• Bake a pirate map pizza

• Make "teddy's walk-the-plank" Jell-O cups

• Play charades, balloon bomb, and match plot-cards

• Art fun with zoo animal portrait marble painting

• Comic strips!